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Intro Stuff

Yes, we know there are plenty of individuals and agencies out there who all claim to be the best and no doubt some of them will do a great job within your budget.

And now, of course, we're going to tell you that we're different from that lot. Really different.

Clever Digital Stuff's owner, Tim, has been working on commercial websites and digital marketing for almost a quarter of a century ... After a few years in traditional print, design and print management, he published his first site (for a HUGE multi-national petro-chemical company) back in 1996. And he's been involved in designing, developing and maintaining cutting-edge sites ever since.

Big agencies have big overheads, which means big bills for you. Clever Digital Stuff has very few overheads, which means the important numbers on our invoices are way lower than you'd imagine and yet the quality of work is second-to-none - We're real sticklers for making sure stuff is right; layout, fonts, colours, grammar and spelling will always be spot on.

So, if you need a simple email signature, a large multi-language eCommerce site, a mobile phone app, a printed brochure, business cards, a show stand, or even your company logo on the side of a van - in fact pretty much anything to promote you, your business or your organisation - give us a shout, let's talk.

Oh, one more thing, if you're a design agency with no in-house coding skills ... we're dab hands at coding too.
Coders with design nous ... rare!

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